Delonghi Air Conditioners

In today’s world any appliance needs to be as energy efficient as possible, especially with the increasing and more visible effects of global warming.  Portable air conditioners are no exception to this rule.  A portable air conditioner should be as energy efficient as possible while at the same time providing high quality clean, cool air for your home.  Delonghi air conditioners meet these requirements and should be the obvious choice.

All Delonghi air conditioners are innovatively designed to cool an area while sending warm, moist air outside through the exhaust hose.  There is no difficult installation required and there is absolutely no need to empty any water receptacles.  You can simply just plug the air conditioner in and start enjoying cool refreshing air.  With these portable air conditioners you can rest assured that you are cooling your home using one the best quality units available on the market today.

Because of the high demand for more energy efficient appliances, and more and more consumers living a greener lifestyle, using a portable air conditioner can spark quite the debate.  One side of the argument attests that in order to live a green lifestyle, you should use as little electricity as possible.  However, Delonghi air conditioners offer such energy efficient air conditioning units that consumers attempting to live green lives can use these units confidently.  There is no reason to suffer in warm climates if you do not need to.

The eco-friendly Delonghi air conditioners can be adjusted to deliver the amount of cool air that is needed only.  This prevents the over-use of electricity and conserves energy.  All of the company’s air conditioning units are portable, which allow you to cool specific rooms of your home without wasting energy cooling unoccupied areas.  Additionally, almost all Delonghi air conditioners are multifunctional, meaning that they are also functional as dehumidifiers.  This allows you to set the hydrostat and control the level of humidity in the area as well.  Additionally, these machines clean the air as they work through the 3M electrostatic air filtration technology that is present in all Delonghi air conditioners.

Most Delonghi air conditioners are rated “A”, which is the highest energy efficiency score as far as European standards go.  This is extremely important when considering a portable air conditioning unit.  Another important feature of all Delonghi air conditioners is that they use a non-fluorocarbon refrigerant known as R 290.  This is so important simply because this particular coolant is considered to be a “natural” coolant throughout the air conditioning industry and contributes very little to global warming.  Engineered coolants have much higher global warming potential (GWP).

Delonghi air conditioners come in a variety of sizes and BTU capabilities.  Which model you choose will depend on the area you wish to cool with your new air conditioning unit.  Before making your purchase, you may want to read product and user reviews, many of which can be found online, to help you make a more informed decision.  Additionally, many of the same websites that offer such reviews will point consumers in the direction of bargain prices.


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