Carrier Air Conditioning

Carrier Engineering is considered to be the world leader when it comes to air conditioning.  Most warranties are good for ten years on Carrier air conditioning compressors.  This will help to give you the confidence you need in trusting that your air conditioning unit will continue to operate for the lifetime of the unit.  The Carrier air conditioning compressor continually converts the gas inside of the air conditioner from gas back into a liquid as the gas is moved between the evaporator and condenser.

The gas, Freon, was typically used in air conditioners all over the world.  However, it was found to do harm to the Earth’s ozone layer.  Therefore, DuPont, who was the maker of Freon, developed R-134a which was a much more environmentally friendly gas.  This gas goes under the trade name of Puron.  It functions exactly the same way as Freon although it requires a much higher pressure.  Newer Carrier air conditioning compressors are made to handle this new kind of air conditioning gas.  Puron is now used in all of the new Carrier air conditioners.

Willis Carrier, who was not only the founder but the company’s namesake, at the start of the 20th century he revolutionized air conditioning and the first units for home use were made.  Carrier’s air conditioning compressor was first only used for industrial settings.  It was designed to not only lower the temperature, but it also had the capability to reduce humidity levels inside buildings.  The Carrier air conditioner was originally made to help keep the temperature and humidity levels at a constant rate at a printing shop.  The design of this air conditioner was later altered for residential use.

The Father of Air Conditioning

Willis Carrier is often called the father of air conditioning.  The entire air conditioning industry has been changed due to his designs.  The environment that people work in has changed as well as their lifestyles.  Had air conditioning not come on the scene, many parts of the country would not have developed as soon as they did.  Some of the first places to use air conditioning were some theaters in Texas.  They watched with amazement as their business grew dramatically once their theaters were fitted with air conditioning that was operated by compressors made by Carrier.

The technology that was developed by Carrier began in 1906.  Carrier now has all sort of different sizes of air conditioning units.  You can get a small in-house portable unit, window units and there are even industrial Carrier air conditioning compressors that will cool domed athletic stadiums.  Willis Carrier’s designed were first used in railroad passenger cars, airplanes, federal office buildings, luxury liners and last but not least the space shuttle.

There are now even new vent-less in-home air conditioning units that are able to be moved to any room in the house.  It uses an exhaust hose that runs to a window that allows the hot air to vent.  However, the same technology is used in these units that were used in the big industrial-sized units.  Stuart Cramer may have been credited for the term air conditioning, but it is Carrier who has become synonymous with air conditioning.


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