Why Are Air Conditioning Filters Important?

Each and every air conditioning unit – whether it is a window unit, portable unit, or central air conditioning – requires a certain amount of maintenance to ensure proper functioning. One of the most basic, yet most important, components of air conditioning maintenance is ensuring that air conditioning filters are kept clean and changed on a regular basis. Here, you will be introduced as to why air conditioning filters are important. This will help you to better understand the logic behind this particular type of basic maintenance.

Air conditioning filters are an essential component in ensuring that the system itself is kept clean and working properly. These filters act as a “guard” against the agents in the air. They trap the substances that travel in the air that is pulled through the system so that these items do not enter the system and cause damage to the coils and other essential components of the unit. If dirt, dust, hair, dander, and other items were to get inside the air conditioning unit, it could result in failure of some of the internal components of the system. The repairs could be extremely costly. Having to replace an air conditioning unit could be even more expensive.

Air conditioning filters are an essential component to the air exchange as the air circulates through the air conditioning unit. It is imperative that air conditioning filters are kept clean. Having dirty filters can result in different types of sicknesses. Individuals who have complications with their immune system, different types of diseases and medical conditions, and those with allergies should ensure that they clean and change their air conditioning filters frequently. Not doing so can result in many different health complications.

Air conditioning filters assist in the general functioning of the air conditioner itself. An issue with the filtering system can result in many complications with the unit itself. There are many signs that an issue may be developing with the air conditioner if the filter needs to be cleaned and/or replaced. You may find that the system is icing up more frequently, it must be run longer lengths of time in order to cool appropriately, the air that is returned from the vents may be very weak, or the air conditioner may simply just stop running. If you notice any of these situations, it may be time to examine the filter.

When you fail to clean and/or repair air conditioning filters, you may find that the system uses more energy and increases the costs associated with your electric bill. You may also notice that the system is not cooling as thoroughly as it once did. Both of these issues can prove to be extremely costly. Many times, these situations can be avoided by simply cleaning and/or changing the air conditioning filters. Though they may not seem like much, they are an essential component to the overall functionality of your air conditioning system.

It is normally quite easy to clean and/or replace air conditioning filters. Many units come with detailed instructions on how to do this. If you are unable to locate this information, generally, you can call the company that manufactured your air conditioner to get information on how to perform this type of basic maintenance. In addition to this, there are a number of companies that are generally located close to where you live that will come in for a small fee and perform basic maintenance – including the cleaning and changing of air conditioner filters. This type of service can prove to be extremely beneficial.


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